Wiley X Rx SG-1 Progressive Prescription Lenses WileyX SG-1 Sunglasses / Goggles

Availability Notice for - Wiley X Rx SG-1 Progressive Prescription Lenses WileyX SG-1 Sunglasses / Goggles

We carry thousands of products in stock, but this specific item is currently not available for sale. Please feel free to browse the store for similar products or use the form below to contact our knowledgeable Product Specialists for estimated availability time frame or replacement options for Wiley X Rx SG-1 Progressive Prescription Lenses WileyX SG-1 Sunglasses / Goggles ().

Wiley X Rx SG-1 Progressive Prescription Lenses WileyX SG-1 Sunglasses / Goggles

Wiley X Rx SG-1 Progressive Prescription Lenses WileyX SG-1 Sunglasses / Goggles

Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses are no longer offered with progressive lenses. However, non prescription Wiley X SG 1 Sunglasses, bifocal Wiley X SG1 and Single Vision SG-1 Goggles are still available for sale in our store.

Following Modifications of Wiley-X SG-1 Available:
Wiley X SG-1 Interchangeable Sunglasses / Goggles are now available with Rx Prescription Progressive lenses directly from OpticsPlanet.com!  You get Guaranteed 100% Genuine and Authentic Wiley X frames and lenses at the low prices no one can beat! WileyX SG-1 Goggles are what we supply to the US military and US Special forces because they are the best available, and there is no substitute.  Not only Wiley X SG1 Goggles w/ Progressive Prescription our top selling prescription tactical goggles / sunglasses serving tough military duty, but they are also very popular as prescription motorcycle goggles protecting bikers from coast to coast! For more information on a non-prescription version of these exceptional Wiley-X Sunglasses / Goggle System please see this page.  This Wiley X Modular Goggles system provides two functions in one: converting from a fashionable sunglass to low profile goggle, and now it is offered from OpticsPlanet.com in Rx Prescription form. Not only Wiley X SG1 glasses are our best selling combat tactical prescription goggles, but they are also one of the best prescription motorcycle goggles available today. Wiley X SG-1 prescription lenses can be changed in seconds when weather or activity dictates the need. Unique Ultra-Foam seals the eye orbits providing protection from extreme changes in body temperature or weather temperature. Wiley X SG-1 temples disengage with a push of a button and can be replaced with a snap loaded elastic headband. The SG-1 Wiley X Goggle with Progressive RX Prescription combines wind protective fashion with ballistic function in prescription form!

Wiley X Sunglasses and Goggles meet and exceed ANSI Z87.1 safety standards, ANSI Z80.3 optical standards, Mil. Spec. MIL-STD-662 for fragmentation, and most other standards and requirements for tactical goggles and ballistic eyewear. Even in prescription form, Wiley X goggles and sunglasses can be used for industrial manufacturing, and they are certified by Underwriters Laboratories to comply with the regulations and requirements mandated by United States Department of Labor (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.133 Employee Eye and Face Protection), ANSI Z87.1-1989, and the ANSI Z87.1-2003 (PDF copy of Wiley X Spectacles and Goggles UL test report is available)

Wiley X Sunglasses offer 100% U.V. protection tinted lenses made of ballistic polycarbonate with scratch resistant and anti-fog coatings. Most tints of authentic Wiley X lenses offered by OpticsPlanet.com are offered in polarized and non-polarized forms. The difference between polarized and non-polarized lenses is in special filter that significantly reduces glare.  Reduction of glare is especially important if you are on the water or driving. Polarized sunglass lens has a scientifically engineered filter that fights extreme glare and reflections, enhancing visual acuity. When normal, parallel rays of light bounce off surfaces like windshields, windows, water or ice, they create random light waves. These reflected light waves produce glare that irritates your eyes. Working like microscopic Venetian blinds, the polarized filters in polarized lenses ?organize? the light, eliminating glare and reducing eye fatigue. For description of color and lens specifications please see our Wiley X Sunglasses & Goggles Lens Technology page.  Please note that Wiley X prescription sunglasses can also be ordered from OpticsPlanet.com with very special F2 Dual Gradient lenses and Filter 3 crystal gradient rx lenses. F2 Dual Gradient lenses is a brown lens that is darker brown on the top of the lens and gradually goes to a lighter brown towards the bottom of the lens.  Wiley X Filter 3 crystal gradient lens is a grey color on top of the lens and gradually goes to a clear at the bottom of the lens and it has a light silver mirrored finish over whole lens. Gradient lenses are often a preferred choice of military, commercial pilots, and drivers. The gradient acts to block the sun's glare from the top while providing a clear view of instruments at the bottom.

Optional authentic Wiley X SG-1 Accessories

Wiley X sunglasses lensesWe carry full line of authentic Wiley X Sunglasses and Goggles Accessories including optional non-prescription extra Wiley X interchangeable lenses, hard cases, straps, and frames for Wiley X SG-1 sunglasses / goggles.  More information on Wiley X SG-1 Goggles are available on our main Wiley X page.


Wiley X SG1 Goggle / Sunglasses Frame Specifications:

A (Nosebridge Measurement to Temple):  70mm
B (Brow to Cheek Measuremnt):  40mm
DBL (Nosebridge Only Measurement):  20mm
ED (Nosebridge to Deepest Part of Lens Diagonal Measurement):  65mm

Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses and Goggles

Wiley X prescription SunglassesWiley X Sunglasses and Wiley X Goggles from OpticsPlanet.com now available with Rx Prescription lenses! You get Guaranteed 100% Genuine and Authentic Wiley X frames and prescription lenses at the low prices no one can beat! Wiley-X prescription sunglass and Wiley X prescription goggle system is a standard issue for US Solders. Wiley X goggles in a sunglass concept provides incredible wind, sun, glare, and debris protection. This patent pending WileyX sunglass system utilizes Willey X exclusive patented technology giving the ultimate fit and quality confirmed by the US Military and Special Forces. Wiley X modular Wiley X prescription Sunglassesgoggle designs tip even the most modern scales of innovation. Wiley-X frames are the preferred choice of countless military personnel.

PLEASE NOTE: Wiley X SG-1 Prescription Sunglasses (Wiley X SG1 Prescription Goggles) model is the only Wiley X sunglass system that allows for interchangeable prescription lenses. Please note: Wiley-X SG1, XL-1, JP-1, JP-2, P17, P-23, Air Rage, Blink, Ink, Tilt, Top Jimmie, Trigger are available in bi-focals. Wiley X Romeo II, CQC and Nerve sunglasses are available as single vision only.

Due to curvature of the frame some wrap distortion will acquire on Wiley X progressive sun glasses / goggles. In order to avoid image distortion and ensure complete customer satisfaction OpticsPlanet no longer offers Wiley-X sunglasses / goggles with progressive lenses.

More information about NON-prescription version of Wiley X Sunglasses and Wiley X Safety Goggles please visit our are available in Wiley X lenses technology page!

Wiley-X Prescription Parameters and Limitations

Models RX Single Vision: PD Sphere Cylinder Bifocal Min PD Models RX Bifocal:
Wiley X SG-1 RX 60+ +/-4.00 +/-3.00 66+ Wiley X SG-1 Bifocal
Wiley X XL-1 RX 58 -3.00 -2.00 64+ Wiley X XL-1 Bifocal
Wiley X Romer II RX 58 +1.50/-2.50 +/-2.00 No Bifocal No Bifocals
Wiley X JP-1 RX 60 +1.00/-2.50 +/-2.00 72+ Wiley X JP-1 Bi focal
Wiley X P17 RX 58 +/-3.00 +/-2.00 62+ Wiley X P-17 Bifocal
Wiley X P-23 RX 58 +/-2.50 +/-1.50 64+ Wiley X P-23 Bi-Focal
Wiley X CQC RX Insert 58 +/-4.00 +/-3.00 No Bifocal No Bifocals
Wiley X Nerve RX Insert 58 +/-5.00 +/-3.00 No Bifocal No Bifocals
WileyX Blink RX 58 +2.00/-3.00 +1.00/-2.00 65+ Wiley X Blink Bifocal
Wiley X Brick RX 60 +2.00/-3.00 +1.00/-2.00 65+ Wiley-X Brick Bifocal
Wiley X Ink RX 58 +2.00/-3.00 +1.00/-2.00 65+ WileyX Ink Bi focal
Wiley X Top Jimmie RX 58 +2.00/-3.00 +1.00/-2.00 65+ Wiley X Top Jimmie Bifocal
Wiley X Air Rage RX 58 +2.00/-3.00 +1.00/-2.00 65+ Wiley X AirRage Bifocal

Wiley X prescription Sunglasses Q: What type of Wiley X prescription lenses does OpticsPlanet.com offer? A: TRANSITIONS® lenses, Polarized lenses, Mirrored lenses, Standard Non-Polarized Rx Prescription lenses, TRANSITIONS® and Light Adjusting lenses are available. Polarized lenses add glare reduction. Mirror lenses look cool ;-) WileyX sunglasses frames can be ordered with Bi-focal sunglasses.
Q: Will my Wiley X sunglasses still be interchangeable with prescription lenses? A: Only the Wiley X SG-1 Sunglasses / Wiley X SG1 goggles are interchangeable with prescription lenses (see Wiley X SG 1 prescription sunglasses) and can be ordered with multiple lenses in multiple colors. Wiley X JP-1, Romer II sun glasses, XL-1 goggles can only hold one set of prescription lenses in each frame. JP-1 sunglasses, Wiley X Romer II and XL-1 goggle flame will not come with the additional lenses that would ordinarily come with the non-prescription package.
Q: I need my prescription fast, is there an express option available? A: To expedite the process you can choose Wiley-X Express Service, which takes 7-8 business days for prescription processing for extra $25.00 or Rush Service 3-5 business days prescription processing for extra $35. Please select appropriate option above. Express or Rush processing options are not available on frames with mirror lenses. Express Options are for lab processing time only.
Q: Shipping to Military APO/FPO? A: No problem, but the shipping will take a little bit longer (up to 4-5 weeks via Free USPS Priority Mail). There is no faster way of shipping to a military APO/FPO than USPS Priority Mail. We do not charge a shipping fee for Military APO/FPO addresses.
Q: What material are Wiley X prescription lenses make out of? A: The prescription lenses in your Wiley X eyewear are made of polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate is the safest most impact resistant prescription lens available. Wiley X prescription goggles will be fabricated to exacting standards, it will meet and exceed the drop-ball testing standard for such a lens and will serve as safety goggles or tactical goggles.
Q: Do RX lenses maintain the qualities, certifications, and specification of the plane version in the same frame? A: Qualities and certifications will remain the same in WileyX prescription glasses and goggles.
Q: Do Wiley X lenses meet Safety Standards? A: All Willey X Prescription Sunglasses and Wiley X Prescription Goggles were made with pure shatterproof selenite polycarbonate that far exceed ANSI Z87.1 safety and ANSI Z80.3 optical standards.

OpticsPlanet is the leading online provider of 100% Authentic prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses and rx inserts from top industry brands such as Bolle, Serengeti, Body Specs, Bobster, ESS, Wiley X, Sport RX and Sea Vision. We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions often asked by our customers, and have posted them here for your review. Please take a look at the questions below.

If you need help understanding/reading your prescription please visit our How To Read Your Sunglass Prescription page. There, you will be able to find specific industry prescription abbreviations and definitions. If you have questions about progressive lenses or bifocal lenses please visit our Progressive and Bi-focals page. If you still have questions about your prescription or ordering your prescription sunglasses from OpticsPlanet.com please contact our RX specialists and they will be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Prescription Ordering

Q: The form above is too difficult. What if I still have questions and would like to talk to a customer service representative? A: If you need assistance, please email us or call us toll-free (800)504-5897 - we are here to help!

Q: How do I read my prescription? A: See our How to Read Your Prescription page.

Q: Can I have a prescription with no PD (pupil distance)? A: No, we must have a PD, and it should be a number in millimeters normally between 54 to 70 and for kids between 41 to 55. Contact us if your adult PD is below 50 or above 70. Please remember prescription goggles / prescription sunglasses / RX adapters orders will NOT be processed without PD.

Q: What if I have more than one PD (pupil distance)? A: Some prescriptions do contain more than one pupil distance. In some cases two PD is due to different measures for the right eye (OD PD) and the left eye (OS PD). Another reason for more than one pupil distance is the need to correct both distance and near vision. In this case your prescription will state either PD near or PD dist. Please contact your optician and decide whether you require progressive/bifocals or single vision eyewear. Make sure to enter extra PD information in the comment section and contact us if you should require any farther assistance.

Q: I need bi-focal lenses/progressives; do I need any additional information? A: Yes, please make sure to include Segment Height. Segment height is a must for all bi-focal sunglasses or progressive lenses. You need to have exact frame in order for your optometrist or optician to take correct measurements of segment height. We have introduced a Prescription Eyewear Trial Program, which allows you to try the frame first. Please take a look at our Prescription Sunglasses Trial Program page for more details.

Q: Not sure if the frame will fit? A: Contact us for details on our Prescription Eyewear Sunglasses Trial Program.

Q: Can I have OpticsPlanet.com fax, email or mail the prescription form to me? A: We do want you to place your order online to avoid any possible errors or typos in entering your prescription - please remember that each and every prescription insert, prescription goggles, and prescription sunglasses are custom made to the prescription specified on your order. If you need any help at all, just give us a call or email us!

Q: Can I use my Vision\ Rx Prescription Insurance Plan at OpticsPlanet.com? A: At this time, OpticsPlanet.com does not accept insurance vision plans, but please check with your insurance company - often you can submit your prescription sunglasses purchase from OpticsPlanet.com for reimbursement. Please contact your insurance company for more details.

Q: What is the Return Policy for prescription lenses? A: All prescription sales are final. Please check the form and your prescription to make sure the order is correct. You can do it any time during checkout! Only in VERY RARE cases when the lab makes a mistake, the prescription glasses will be redone to the specifications of the original order.

Q: I have submitted the order but I made a typo in my prescription? A: You can contact our customer service team to make changed to your order. Any changes made to your prescription glasses after it has been submitted to the lab will result in 50% charge of your original order. There can't be any changes to the order after it has been ship.

Q: What warranty on your prescription eyeglasses do I have? A: OpticsPlanet.com is an Authorized US Dealer or Distributor for all prescription eyewear we sell. All prescription eye wear are 100% New and Authentic and all RX lenses are provided and/or approved by the manufacturer / sunglass designer.

Q: What if my prescription is outside of the prescription range specified for this frame? A: We have worked with all eye glass frames manufacturers to come up with recommendations for Rx-able frames that can accommodate strong and extreme prescription lenses. Here is a list of prescription frames powerful enough to accommodate high power RX:

We can even offer you swimming goggles that can accept high eye prescription. Sea Vision Swimming Goggles are now available through OpticsForYou, that can take sph +/-12.00 and cylinder up to -4.00!

Q: Can RX lenses be inserted in existing customer's frame? A: No, our labs use brand new frames only supplied by the manufacturer.

Q: Can I buy lenses from OpticsPlanet.com, and have them installed by a local optician? A: Lenses cannot be separated from lens installation. Prescription lenses must be purchased and installed by the same company.

Best Deal Guarantee: We beat any advertised price on any prescription glasses we sell. All frames and lenses are guaranteed to be 100% new and authentic and all prescription lenses are made to the customer specification. If you found a better deal, email us, and we will beat it!