Wiley X Curve Sunglass Replacement LENSES ONLY

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Wiley X Curve Sunglass Replacement LENSES ONLY

Wiley X Curve Sunglass Replacement Lenses are available to replace the lenses of your Curve Sunglasses. These extra lenses are the same shatterproof lenses that comeimage with the Wiley X Curve Sunglasses. These Wiley X spare lenses are ANSI Safety certified, so that hunters, anglers, athletes, and everyone else can enjoy the same level of eye protection used by America's military forces.

The same technologies that have made Wiley X a favorite of America's fighting forces in the field now help protect America's fishermen and hunters too. Wiley X glasses are ANSI Safety certified, able to withstand 20 .25 caliber pellets fired at 150 FPS and a 1.1 lb. projectile dropped from 50". Wiley-X Sunglasses provide ultimate protection against ejected brass, ricocheting shot, errant jigs or anything in the air while ripping across the water in a boat. ANSI Z87.1-2003 high impact certification qualifies all Wiley X eyewear as OSHA Occupational Eye Protection. We sell a full selection of WileyX military and tactical gear, including Wiley X Sunglasses and Wiley X Goggles. All the tactical eyewear in our store is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Specifications for Wiley X Curve Replacement Lenses:

Standards and regulations: ANSI Safety certified; ANSI Z87.1-2003 high impact certification; OSHA Occupational Eye Protection

Features of Wiley X Curve Spare Lenses:

  • Shatterproof lenses
  • Replace worn, scratched, or broken lenses

Package Contents:

  • Wiley X Replacement Lenses for Curve Sunglasses
Models & part numbers

Wiley X Curve Sunglass Replacement LENSES ONLY Options

Product Code UPC SKU Wiley X Curve Sunglass Replacement LENSES ONLY Options
WX-RQ-CURVELENS-CCCURS 712316009614 CCCURS Wiley-X Curve Replacement Parts - Smoke Grey Lens (LENS ONLY) CCCURS
WX-RQ-CURVELENS-CCCURP 712316009706 CCCURP Wiley-X Curve Replacement Parts - Polarized Smoke Green Lens (LENS ONLY) CCCURP
WX-RQ-CURVELENS-CCCURLA 712316009621 CCCURLA Wiley-X Curve Replacement Parts - LA Light Adjusting Smoke Grey Lens (LENS ONLY) CCCURLA