Wiley X Brick Black Ops Replacement Sunglasses Lenses - LENSES ONLY

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Wiley X Brick Black Ops Replacement Sunglasses Lenses - LENSES ONLY

Wiley X Black Ops Brick Sunglass Lenses are made to replace worn or damaged lenses in your Brick tactical sunglasses. These Wiley X lenses are made with a stealth design and shatterproof Selenite polycarbonate that stand up to the ANSI High Velocity Impact Test. ANSI requires that these military-grade sunglass lenses and the frames they are used in withstand the impact of a .25 inch diameter steel ball fired at a speed of 150 fps. Absolutely no contact with the head form is allowed. Wiley X repeats this test 20 times from different angles, aimed at different areas of the sunglasses lens, to make sure their tactical lenses are practically indestructible. And to earn the coveted ANSI Z87.1-2003 (High Mass Impact Test) certification, these Wiley X Black Ops Lenses must withstand the weight of a 1.1 lb pointed projectile drop from a height of 50 inches. The sunglass lens must remain intact and no part of the frame can be detached. The result of all this testing - a replacement sunglass lens that will stand up to anything you encounter. The finishing touches on these replacement lenses include T-Shell scratch Resistance, Slick Surface spotting prevention, and 100% UV protection. Keep your tactical sunglasses in battle-ready condition with Wiley Black Ops Brick Spare Lenses.

Wiley X is a favorite of America's fighting forces in the field. Inspired by the shadowy realm of covert operators, Wiley-X Black Ops Sunglasses are made for elite-level military personnel, law enforcement officers, and hard-core shooters. The Wiley X Black Ops line fuses stealth design with the High Velocity Protection you've come to expect from Wiley X. We carry a full selection of WileyX military and tactical gear, including Wiley X Tactical Sunglasses and Wiley X Goggles. All the tactical eyewear in our store is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

854S: Wiley-X Brick Black OPS Tactical Replacement Parts - Smoke Grey Lens *LENS ONLY*

Features of WileyX Sunglasses Black Ops Lenses for Brick Sunglasses:

  • ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Mass Impact Test
  • ANSI Z87.1+ High Velocity Impact Test
  • Smoke gray tint
  • Nigh-invulnerable Selenite polycarbonate
  • T-Shell scratch resistance
  • Slick Surface spotting prevention

Package Contents:

  • Wiley X BRICK Black Ops Tactical Sunglass Lenses (1 pair)
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