Vixen R130Sf 130mm Telescope with GP2 Mount

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Vixen R130Sf 130mm Telescope with GP2 Mount

The Vixen R130Sf 130mm Telescope with GP2 Mount 39592 is a lightweight 5" reflector telescope that is a favorite of many new astronomers. The Vixen 39592 Reflector with GP2 Mount comes with a 6 x30 finder scopeimage and a dovetail tube plate that attaches quickly to the Vixen GP2 Equatorial Mount. It’s the perfect medium aperture for a Telescope, one can just pick up and go. The Vixen Reflector Telescope w/ GP2 Mount gives great performance when viewing objects at high magnification, the damping and vibration being significantly reduced as compared to other lesser quality telescopes. Vixen R130Sf 130mm Telescopes with GP2 Mount come standard with a tripod and counterweight; is easy to use and functions well for both the visual observer and astrophotography. The declination and right-ascension functions with 144-tooth aluminum worm gears allowing accurate tracking and motion is controlled by included control knobs for accurate slewing. The Vixen 130mm Telescope with GP2 Equatorial Mount has a polar altitude adjustment that varies from 0 to 62 in altitude.

Specifications for Vixen Reflector Telescope w/ GP2 Equatorial Mount:

Optical tube:130mm, Multi Coated, Newtonian Optical Tube
Focal Length / F#:650mm F/5.0
Eyepieces:PL20mm, PL 6.3mm
Finder scope:6 x 30 Finder

Features of Vixen 130mm Reflector with GP2 Equatorial Mount:

  • Optical Design: Parabolic Mirror Reflector
  • Coating: Multi Coating
  • GP2 Equatorial Mount: 25 Maximum Loading Weight, Double screw fine adjustment

Package Contents:

  • Vixen R130Sf 130mm Telescope with GP2 Mount
    • R130Sf 5.1 inch f/5.0 Optical Tube
    • 6x30 finderscope
    • Finder Bracket
    • 1 1/4 " eyepiece adapter
    • Eyepieces: PL20mm, PL6.3mm
    • Tube Rings
    • Dove-tail-plate
    • GP2 Mount with slow motion controls and tripod with locking extension legs
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