Streamlight Stylus Penlights - Small High-Intensity LED Flashlight

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Streamlight Stylus Penlights - Small High-Intensity LED Flashlight

Streamlight Stylus Penlight combines the convenience of a penlight with the power of a high-intensity LED. Stylus series of Streamlight lights are tough, durable, safety rated, waterproof lights. Streamlight Stylus Flashlights are ideal for a variety of tasks, from reading a map on a camping trip and inspecting hand-to-see places, to forensic investigations and tactical law enforcement operations. Stylus Streamlight LED Pen Light has a battery life 20x greater than a standard flashlight and goes anywhere you need it. Stylus series of Streamlight offers a run time of up to 60 hours of continuous use. Comes with a integral pocket clip.

Specifications for Stylus Streamlight Pen Lights:

Battery:  Three (3) AAAA alkaline batteries
Bulb:   100,000 hour lifetime, hi-intensity Light Emitting Diode (LED), "solid-state bulb".
Material:  6000 series tempered aircraft aluminum with anodized finish; non-slip knurled grip.
Color:  Gold Silver US flag Red Blue
Weight (with batteries):  1.1 Ounces
Dimensions:  .38" (D.) x 6.21" (L)
Run Time:  Up to 60 hours
Power:  Arctic White - 12,000 millicandelas

Features of Stream Light Stylus Flash lights:

  • Case available in black, gold, silver, US flag, red, blue
  • Compact & lightweight
  • IPX 4 Rated Waterproof
  • High-intenstity LED lasts 100,000 hrs.
  • Runs up to 60 continuous hrs.
  • Serialized for easy identification
  • Momentary blink switch and constant "on"
  • Glare Guard protector
  • Pocket Clip for easy access

Package Contents:

  • Streamlight Stylus Penlight
  • 3 AAAA alkaline batteries
Models & part numbers

Streamlight Stylus Penlights - Small High-Intensity LED Flashlight Options

Product Code UPC SKU Streamlight Stylus Penlights - Small High-Intensity LED Flashlight Options
SQ-FL-Penlight-65016 080926650169 65016 Streamlight Stylus Penlight Flashlight - Silver - Blue LED 65016
SQ-FL-Penlight-65012 080926650121 65012 Streamlight Stylus Penlight Flashlight - Silver - White LED 65012
SQ-FL-Penlight-65050 080926650503 65050 Streamlight Stylus Penlight Flashlight - Blue - White LED 65050
SQ-FL-Penlight-65024 080926650244 65024 Streamlight Stylus Penlight Flashlight - Gold - White LED 65024
SQ-FL-Penlight-65080 080926650800 65080 Streamlight Stylus Penlight Flashlight - US Flag - White LED 65080
SQ-FL-Penlight-65075 080926650756 65075 Streamlight Stylus Penlight Flashlight - Camo - Green LED 65075
SQ-FL-Penlight-65035 080926650350 65035 Streamlight Stylus Penlight Flashlight - Red - White LED 65035