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Spy Optic Nolen Rx Prescription Sunglasses

Spy Optic Nolen Rx Prescription Sunglasses are currently on saleimage at our online store. Spy Rx Program offered by Spy through OpticsPlanet ensures that you get true Spy Optic frames with custom-made Rx Prescription lenses. Wearing Spy Nolen prescription sun glasses you will enjoy the same comfort, fit and optical quality as genuine Spy Nolen sun glasses feature. You can get Spy Nolen Rx Prescription sunglasses with proprietary prescription lenses either in Spy's Arc polycarbonate or Trident polarized lens series. Spy Optic Nolen Rx glasses are available in a full range of lens colors and mirror treatments. Spy Nolen prescription sunglsses can be ordered with single vision Rx lenses only. If you are interested in getting multifocal prescription lenses, please have a look at the collections of Progressive Sunglasses and Bifocal Sunglasses by other brands that we carry. If you need assistance in entering your prescription information into our on-line Rx form, please read our How to Read Your Sunglasses Prescription article or contact us and one of our Spy Sunglasses experts will help you find the SpyOptic frame that fits your face or guide you through the on-line ordering. These are Spy Optic Nolen sunglasses with Rx prescription lenses. If you are looking for Spy Optic Nolen sunglasses with non-Rx lenses please click here. Available Spy Optic Nolen:

Spy Optic Prescription Parameters and Limitations

Spy Frame w/Rx Lenses Sphere Cylinder
Spy Optic Nolen Rx +3.00/-6.00 +/- 2.25
Spy Optic Clash Rx +3.00/-6.00 +/- 2.25
Spy Optic Curtis Rx +2.00/-6.00 +/- 2.00
Spy Optic HourGlass Rx +2.00/-6.00 +/- 2.00
Spy Optic Mode Rx +2.00/-6.00 +/- 2.00
Spy Optic Oasis Rx +3.00/-6.00 +/- 2.25
Spy Optic Zoe Rx +2.00/-6.00 +/- 4.00
Spy Optic Cooper Rx +3.00/-6.00 +/- 2.25
Spy Optic Abbey Rx +2.00/-6.00 +/- 4.00
Spy Optic Sidney Rx +2.00/-6.00 +/- 4.00
Spy Optic Griffin Rx +4.00/-6.00 +/- 2.00
Spy Optic MC Rx +2.00/-6.00 +/- 4.00
Spy Optic Hielo Rx +3.00/-6.00 +/- 2.25
Spy Optic Paycheck Rx +2.00/-6.00 +/- 4.00
Spy Optic Blok Rx +2.00/-6.00 +/- 4.00
Spy Nolen Rx Sun Glasses Features:
  • Spy Optic Prescription Nolen Frame Material: Built from solid propionate
  • SpyOptic Nolen Rx Lens Diameter: 59 mm
  • Spy Optics Nolen Prescription Sun Glasses Temple Length: 119 mm
  • Spy Nolen Distance Between Prescription Lenses: 19 mm
  • Gender: Men
  • Rivets and metal temple detailing
  • 100% UV protection
Package Contents:
  • Genuine Spy Optic Prescription Nolen Sunglasses with Rx Lenses
  • Spy soft sunglass bag
The trendsetting styles and handcrafted quality of Spy Optic Sunglasses are now available in prescription form! OpticsPlanet is a Spy Optics authorized dealer with the Best Price and Free Shipping on 100% Genuine Spy Rx Sun Glasses. SpyOptics is a leader in advanced frame design and uses materials that are both light weight and strong for exceptional comfort, fit and durability. When you order from OpticsPlanet, your prescription is prepared by a Spy Optic authorized lab to specifications set by Spy for the highest optical standards. Spy Optic Rx Lens filter out 100% of all UV radiation for the highest level of protection. As an Authorized Distributor, OpticsPlanet sells only Authentic Spy Optic Prescription Sun Glasses that are complete with the Full Warranty from Spy. We do not sell Spy Replicas. Ordering Rx Sunglasses at OpticsPlanet is easy. See our Prescription Sunglass Guide for detailed instructions. Our Prescription Eyewear Specialists are experts on Prescription Sunglasses from Spy Optic and can answer your questions on any of the products from Spy Optics including Spy Sun Glass, Spy Ski Goggles and Spy Optic MX Goggles for motocross racing. Contact Us if we can help.

OpticsPlanet is the leading online provider of 100% Authentic prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses and rx inserts from top industry brands such as Bolle, Serengeti, Body Specs, Bobster, ESS, Wiley X, Sport RX and Sea Vision. We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions often asked by our customers, and have posted them here for your review. Please take a look at the questions below.

If you need help understanding/reading your prescription please visit our How To Read Your Sunglass Prescription page. There, you will be able to find specific industry prescription abbreviations and definitions. If you have questions about progressive lenses or bifocal lenses please visit our Progressive and Bi-focals page. If you still have questions about your prescription or ordering your prescription sunglasses from OpticsPlanet.com please contact our RX specialists and they will be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Prescription Ordering

Q: The form above is too difficult. What if I still have questions and would like to talk to a customer service representative?
A: If you need assistance, please email us or call us toll-free (800)504-5897 - we are here to help!

Q: How do I read my prescription?
A: See our How to Read Your Prescription page.

Q: Can I have a prescription with no PD (pupil distance)?
A: No, we must have a PD, and it should be a number in millimeters normally between 54 to 70 and for kids between 41 to 55. Contact us if your adult PD is below 50 or above 70. Please remember prescription goggles / prescription sunglasses / RX adapters orders will NOT be processed without PD.

Q: What if I have more than one PD (pupil distance)?
A: Some prescriptions do contain more than one pupil distance. In some cases two PD is due to different measures for the right eye (OD PD) and the left eye (OS PD). Another reason for more than one pupil distance is the need to correct both distance and near vision. In this case your prescription will state either PD near or PD dist. Please contact your optician and decide whether you require progressive/bifocals or single vision eyewear. Make sure to enter extra PD information in the comment section and contact us if you should require any farther assistance.

Q: I need bi-focal lenses/progressives; do I need any additional information?
A: Yes, please make sure to include Segment Height. Segment height is a must for all bi-focal sunglasses or progressive lenses. You need to have exact frame in order for your optometrist or optician to take correct measurements of segment height. We have introduced a Prescription Eyewear Trial Program, which allows you to try the frame first. Please take a look at our Prescription Sunglasses Trial Program page for more details.

Q: Not sure if the frame will fit?
A: Contact us for details on our Prescription Eyewear Sunglasses Trial Program.

Q: Can I have OpticsPlanet.com fax, email or mail the prescription form to me?
A: We do want you to place your order online to avoid any possible errors or typos in entering your prescription - please remember that each and every prescription insert, prescription goggles, and prescription sunglasses are custom made to the prescription specified on your order. If you need any help at all, just give us a call or email us!

Q: Can I use my Vision\ Rx Prescription Insurance Plan at OpticsPlanet.com?
A: At this time, OpticsPlanet.com does not accept insurance vision plans, but please check with your insurance company - often you can submit your prescription sunglasses purchase from OpticsPlanet.com for reimbursement. Please contact your insurance company for more details.

Q: What is the Return Policy for prescription lenses?
A: All prescription sales are final. Please check the form and your prescription to make sure the order is correct. You can do it any time during checkout! Only in VERY RARE cases when the lab makes a mistake, the prescription glasses will be redone to the specifications of the original order.

Q: I have submitted the order but I made a typo in my prescription?
A: You can contact our customer service team to make changed to your order. Any changes made to your prescription glasses after it has been submitted to the lab will result in 50% charge of your original order. There can't be any changes to the order after it has been ship.

Q: What warranty on your prescription eyeglasses do I have?
A: OpticsPlanet.com is an Authorized US Dealer or Distributor for all prescription eyewear we sell. All prescription eye wear are 100% New and Authentic and all RX lenses are provided and/or approved by the manufacturer / sunglass designer.

Q: What if my prescription is outside of the prescription range specified for this frame?
A: We have worked with all eye glass frames manufacturers to come up with recommendations for Rx-able frames that can accommodate strong and extreme prescription lenses. Here is a list of prescription frames powerful enough to accommodate high power RX:

We can even offer you swimming goggles that can accept high eye prescription. Sea Vision Swimming Goggles are now available through OpticsForYou, that can take sph +/-12.00 and cylinder up to -4.00!

Q: Can RX lenses be inserted in existing customer's frame?
A: No, our labs use brand new frames only supplied by the manufacturer.

Q: Can I buy lenses from OpticsPlanet.com, and have them installed by a local optician?
A: Lenses cannot be separated from lens installation. Prescription lenses must be purchased and installed by the same company.

Best Deal Guarantee: We beat any advertised price on any prescription glasses we sell. All frames and lenses are guaranteed to be 100% new and authentic and all prescription lenses are made to the customer specification. If you found a better deal, email us, and we will beat it!

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