SOG PowerLock Multi-Tool

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SOG PowerLock Multi-Tool

SOG PowerLock Multi-Tools are powerful multi-tools that are packed with professional-grade components, some of which you might use every day. Quality is the name of the game when it comes to SOG multi-tools, and the PowerLock is no exception; all the tools on the PowerLock are built out of stainless steel and guaranteed to cut, file, tighten, and clean better than anything SOG's competitors offer. What's more, each of the multi-tool's components -- including needle nose pliers and wire cutters -- benefit from the Compound Leverage system, which lets you apply more power with less effort using the same interlocking gears that let you flip open the Power-Lock with one hand. The SOG PowerLock makes use of a highly effective automatic locking system that holds your tools in place while you're using them, which is especially useful for tools that require a lot of force, like the saw or the awl. Each individual tool on Power-Lock multi-tools is easily removable and replaceable using the multi-tool's hex bolt construction, adding durability to the tool. For ease of carry, SOG Specialty Knives and Tools has packaged each multi tool in the SOG PowerLock series with either a nylon or a leather pouch, complete with a belt clip. For a long-lasting, comprehensive multi-tool with plenty of power, choose the SOG Power Lock Multi Tool.

SOG S60N-CP: PowerLock Multiool w/ Nylon Sheath, Polished Finish, Satin

Specifications for SOG Power-Lock Stainless Steel Multi-Tool:

Tool Type: Multi-Tool
Application: Work, Utility
Closed Length: 4.6"
Open Length: 7"
Head Type: Needle nose pliers
Weight: 9.6 oz
Material: Stainless steel
Finish: Polished

Features of SOG Power Lock MultiTool:

  • 22-tool multi-tool by SOG
  • Tools equipped with independent Piano Lock locking mechanisms
  • All tools removable and replaceable with hex bolt construction
  • Utilizes SOG's Compound Leverage technology for improved tool performance
  • Catalog of twenty two tools to choose from:
    • Pliers/Grippers
    • Hard wire cutter
    • Blasting cap crimper
    • Foldable 1/4" socket drive
    • Spring-loaded scissors
    • Partially serrated knife
    • Phillips head screwdriver
    • Small, medium, and large flat head screwdrivers
    • Three-sided file
    • Bottle and can opener
    • Double tooth saw
    • Lanyard ring
    • Awl
    • Ruler
  • GSA approved
  • Choose from nylon or leather carrying pouch
  • Polished finish

Package Contents:

  • SOG PowerLock Multi-Tools
Models & part numbers

SOG PowerLock Multi-Tool Options

Product Code UPC SKU SOG PowerLock Multi-Tool Options
X0-M3-FAZ5R5-S60-L 729857992312 S60-L SOG Knives PowerLock Multi-Tool, Polished, Leather Sheath S60-L
X0-M3-FAZ5R5-S60N-CP 729857993951 S60N-CP SOG PowerLock Multiool w/ Nylon Sheath, Polished Finish, Satin S60N-CP
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