Smith Optics Option OTG Dual-Pane Anti-Fog Replacement Goggle Lens

UPC 715757292652

Smith Optics Option OTG Dual-Pane Anti-Fog Replacement Goggle Lens

Smith Optics Option OTG Goggle Dual-Pane Anti-Fog Replacement Lenses keep your sport goggles looking great and performing at their best. These dual-pane replacement lenses replace the goggle lens of Smith Option OTG goggles, and enhance air flow to keep your vision fog-free. Smith Over-The-Glass Goggle Replacement Lenses keep your motorsport goggles like imagenew through crashes and just ordinary wear and tear, and let you change your style at will! Your motorcycle goggles from Smith Optics work hard to keep your view clear. Keep them at their best with a new Smith Optics Option Replacement Goggle Lens. This Eyewear Accessory comes in your choice of tints to fit your riding needs.

We are pleased to carry Smith Optics Eyewear Accessories and other eyewear products from Smith Optics. We carry an extensive selection of goggle accessories for motorcross goggles, safety goggles, and winter goggles from Smith Optics sure to meet your needs, including replacement lenses, visors, roll offs, tear offs, face masks and more. We are an Authorized U.S. Dealer of all Smith Sport Optics. We back up everything we sell with the full manufacturer's warranty and our 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you have questions before or after you buy, our product specialists are ready to help. Our top priority is your satisfaction!

OP23A: Smith Optics Dual Airflow, AFC Yellow Option OTG Replacement Goggle Lens

Specifications for Smith Optics Option OTG Spare Lens:

Lens system: Dual pane
Fits Smith Optics goggles: Option OTG "Over The Glass" series

Features of Smith Optics Replacement Lens for Option OTG Goggles:

  • All lenses provide 100% protection from harmful UVA/B/C rays.
  • Dual pane system enhances air flow, keeps lenses fog-free
  • Sensor M irror: Special mirror coating provides maximum glare reduction with excellent visibility. Best suited for bright conditions.
  • Gold Lite - An outstanding multi-purpose lens tint that filters reflected blue light to provide superior contrast, shadow definition and depth perception in bright, overcast and flat light conditions.
  • Blue: Neutral tint to reduce glare in variable light conditions.
  • Yellow: A vibrant lens tint that brightens terrain while increasing contrast & definition in extremely flat and low light conditions.
  • Clear: Maximum light allowance for all weather conditions.

Package Contents:

  • Smith Optics Replacement Lens for Option OTG Goggles - Dual Pane
Models & part numbers

Smith Optics Option OTG Dual-Pane Anti-Fog Replacement Goggle Lens Options

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KX-R3-OPTIONDOUBLE-OP23A 715757292652 OP23A
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