Serengeti Siena Sunglasses

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Serengeti Siena Sunglasses

Serengeti Siena Sunglasses

Serengeti Siena Sunglasses are designed to be an extremely comfortable pair of sunglasses that deliver visual quality, fashionable design and premium eye protection. Serengeti Siena Sun Glasses are perfect for a day on the beach, the drive to work or anything else you do outdoors. Siena Sunglasses by Serengeti are offered in a number of lenses to meet your needs.

Serengeti Siena Sun Glasses feature the unparalleled comfort and revolutionary design of S-Flex temples. S-Flex temples by Serengeti are made of durable , lightweight monel and beta titanium. The S-shaped temple design adjusts to the contours of your head providing the ultimate in comfort. Serengeti Sunglasses provide a unique combination of style and comfort that is only surpassed by Serengeti 's optic quality.

Serengeti Siena Sun Glasses are available in the following frame / lens combinations:

  • 7324: Serengeti Siena Sunglasses Espresso/ Brown Tannery Frame Drivers Polarized Lens - Photochromic Glass lenses, performs under cloudy and harsh light conditions
    • 18% transmittance lightened lens / 10% transmittance darkened lens

Specifications for Serengeti Siena Sun Glasses:

Base Curve:6 Rx
Temple Length:135mm
Lens Size:54.6 x 37.6 x 51.8mm, DBL 17mm

Features of Serengeti Siena Sunglasses:

  • S-Flex technology
  • Form fitting to your face

Package Contents:

  • Serengeti Siena Sunglasses