Serengeti Medium Aviator Progressive Sunglasses

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Serengeti Medium Aviator Progressive Sunglasses

Serengeti Medium Aviator Progressive Sunglasses help you take the wheel with supreme clarity of vision. Just as much at home on the water or theimage road as they are in the air, these Serengeti prescription sunglasses were designed with the active user in mind. Pilots prefer the gradient lens for their prescription sunglasses, because gradiated aviators block harsh glare from the sun above while providing a clear view of instruments below. Non-gradient lenses, on the other hand, lend Serengeti sunglasses uniform, top-to-bottom protection against sun and glare. No matter what you're piloting, Serengeti Medium Aviator Prescription Sunglasses with Serengeti's progressive lenses minimize fatigue and eye strain from the sun.

NOTE:All Serengeti Progressive Sunglasses feature PhD lenses. At this time, progressive lenses for Serengeti frames are not available with any other lens material.

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SI-RX-PR-MEDIUM-AVIATOR-6826PRG 6826PR Serengeti Medium Aviator Progressive Rx Sunglasses - Henna
SI-RX-PR-MEDIUM-AVIATOR-7190PRG 7190PR Serengeti Medium Aviator Progressive Rx Sunglasses - Shiny Gun Frame