Pyramex Ear Plug Clips,

Product Code YX-SA-EPC12
UPC 814992003129

Pyramex Ear Plug Clips,

Pyramex Clips for Ear Plugs EPC12 let you attach a pair of corded ear plugs to your safety glasses for easy storage and convenient access. This Pyramex Eyewear Accessory can be used with any earplugs that have a cord attached to them, either cloth or plastic. The Pyramex Earplug Clips are easy to use; just clip in the cord and it's ready to go. The temple clips also let you use the earplug cords as a lanyard for your safety glasses.

Pyramex offers lab glasses and goggles for almost any application. The vast array of Pyramex Safety eyewear covers a range of functions, from simple sun protection to IR protection for welding, ballistic eyewear for shooting and impact protection, and more! Pyramex glasses aren't just functional - they're made with style to look great. Pyramex is the peak of safety and style.

Features of Pyramex Ear Plug Clips, Black:

  • Use with plastic or cloth corded ear plugs.
  • Keeps earplugs handy and also acts as a lanyard for your glasses.
  • Easy to use - just clip in and go

Package Contents:

  • Pyramex EPC12 Ear Plug Clips, Black,
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