Novatac Tactical Black/Gun Metal Flashlights 120T-BK - 120T-PT

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Novatac Tactical Black/Gun Metal Flashlights 120T-BK - 120T-PT

Novatac Tactical Black/Gun Metal Flashlights 120T-BK - 120T-PT

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Novatac Tactical Law Enforcement Metal Flashlights are designed for use by military, law enforcement and other tactical response professionals. This compact, pocket-sized light is easy to operate while holding a handgun. It's momentary-maximum mode allows for a quick burst of blinding light or disorienting strobe light, that can shine in the eyes of an oncoming attacker, giving you time to take control of the situation. With 3 pre-set brightness settings (0.3, 10, or 120 Max Lumens), the 120T is truly made for the mission adapting to even the toughest situations. It very well could mean the difference between life and death. For full selection of Novatac Flashlights from Novatac visit our Novatac Flashlights and Flashlights section.

Available colors for Tactical Multi Use Flashlights from Novatac
  • Novatac Tactical Black Flashlight 120T-BK
  • Novatac Tactical Gun Metal Flashlight 120T-PT

Specifications for Novatac Tactical Black Flashlights 120TBK:

Battery Type:(1) CR123 Primary Lithium or RCR123
Light Source:White LED
Lens:Polycarbonate w/Anti-Reflective Coatings
Dimensions:1 inch x 3.3 inches
Weight:3.1 Ounces (including battery)
Waterproof:66 Ft.
Materials:Aerospace Grade Aluminum
Finish:Type III Hard Anodized
Warranty:Limited Lifetime Warranty
Primary setting:120 Lumens (30 min. runtime*)
Secondary setting:10 lumens (14 hrs. runtime*)
Minimum setting:0.3 lumens (240 hrs. runtime*)
Maximum setting:120 Lumens (30 min. runtime*)

Features of Novatac 120T Tactical Compact Metal Flashlights 120TPT:

  • 3 Pre-set Brightness Levels
  • Disorienting Strobe
  • Momentary Maximum Mode
  • Waterproof to 66 feet
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Uses (1) CR123 Battery (included)

Package Contents:

  • Novatac Tactical 120T Military Flashlights 120T-BK or 120T-PT