Nikon P-Series Mount

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SKU 838
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Nikon P-Series Mount

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The Nikon P Series Riflescope Mount is perfect for reliably affixing your favorite standard sized scopes to the rifle of your choice. This offset pair of Riflescope Mounts from Nikonimage provide adjustable rings that accommodate your scope and place it in the most comfortable position for shooting. For optimum eye relief and the best mounting height and fore-aft positioning, the Nikon P-Series Scope Mount is a fully customizable mounting experience. Consisting of two durable pieces, the Nikon P-Series Two Piece Scope Mount puts personalization in your hands, leaving you in control of your shooting experience. For the best way to maintain your accuracy, you'll love the Nikon P Series Riflescope Mounting Rings.

Nikon 838: P-Series Mount, 30mm
Nikon 835: P-Series Mount

Features of Nikon Mount for P-Series Rifle Scopes:

  • 2-piece design for proper mounting height and proper fore-aft position
  • Allows for correct shooting technique, comfortable eye relief.
  • Reversible for use with ultra compact scopes.
  • Perfect Mount for Standard Size Scopes.

Package Contents:

  • Nikon P-Series Mount
Models & part numbers

Nikon P-Series Mount Options

Product Code UPC SKU Nikon P-Series Mount Options
NI-MT-PMOUNT-838 018208008384 838 Nikon P-Series Mount, 30mm 838
NI-MT-PMOUNT-835 018208008353 835 Nikon P-Series Mount 835