Manfrotto Lino PRO Wind Jacket - Black

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Manfrotto Lino PRO Wind Jacket - Black

Manfrotto Lino PRO Wind Jacket - Black

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The Manfrotto Pro Wind Jacket provides the wearer excellent protection from the elements while shooting. The Manfrotto Lino Pro wind Jacket is a waterproof jacket that folds compactly and neatly into its own integrated pouch, making the Pro Wind Jacket by Manfrotto, ready to wear when needed. Manfrotto Jackets have a special porous material that provides the wearer with superior airflow. Specially coated zippers, fabric and seams ensure the Manfrotto Lino Pro Wind Jacket will provide excellent protection from moisture.

Specifications for Manfrotto Lino Pro Wind Jacket:

Size:S, M, L, XL, XXL

Features of the Manfrotto Lino Pro Wind Jacket:

  • This garment performs well in all types of temperatures and environments.
  • Special porous material allows excellent airflow between the user and the outside.
  • Sophisticated material which stretches in different directions to provide excellent functionality and fitting.
  • Seams are sealed and waterproof to protect from moisture.
  • Custom coated zippers that keep water from getting inside.
  • This garments special coating allows it to simply brush aside any wind resistance.

Package Contents:

  • Manfrotto Pro Wind Jacket