JUGS Hitting Stick

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JUGS Hitting Stick

JUGS Hitting Stick helps develop hitters' hand-eye coordination. This 30-inch, 16-ounce JUGS bat helps increase mental concentration by hitting with a smaller baseball bat. Help your baseball players develop a quick bat with the JUGS Hitting Stick!

The JUGS Hitting Stick is available in the following models:

  • A1010: JUGS Hitting Stick, Qty 1
  • A1000: JUGS Hitting Stick Package - (1) JUGS Hitting Stick, (8) JUGS Small-Balls, Drill Book

Features of JUGS Hitting Stick:

  • 30-inch, 16-ounce bat
  • Increase the hitter's mental concentration by hitting a ball with a small bat
  • Develop quick hands and a quick bat

Package Contents:

  • JUGS Hitting Stick
Models & part numbers

JUGS Hitting Stick Options

Product Code UPC SKU JUGS Hitting Stick Options
JK-ZB-HITSTICK-A1010 670768110107 A1010 JUGS Bat - Hitting Stick A1010
JK-ZB-HITSTICK-A1000 A1000 JUGS Hitting Stick Package - 1 stick, 8 Small-Balls, Drill book A1000
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