Morovision Magnifier Lens

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ITAR Product
ITAR Product
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Morovision Magnifier Lens

Morovision Magnifier Lens is a high-performance Galilean afocal telescope that easily mounts to the objective lens of many night vision devices. The magnifier lens can be threaded into the front imageobjective lens of the PVS-7 type goggle or snapped onto the objective lens of the MV-14 Ultra or PVS-14 type monoculars.

The 3x lens incorporates very fast optics (F/1.5) with field of view 13. The 10x lens quickly converts any PVS-14 monocular or PVS-7 night vision goggle into a long-range night sighting device. Ideal for distant night target identification and tactical laser placement Can be used as a 10X 40mm daytime spotting scope as well. Range is 288 ft @ 1000 yards. Focal adjustment is manual. Morovision is known for the highest quality in all of their Morovision Night Vision products. Be sure to check out the rest of Morovision products and other high performance night vision product selection.

Applicable to the following systems:

  • ITT Night Enforcer NEPVS-14
  • PVS-7 Ultra
  • MV/PVS-7B
  • MV-14P PINNACLE - Requires 3x/5x/10x Adapter
  • MV-14 Ultra - Requires 3x/5x/10x Adapter
  • ITT Night Quest PVS-14
  • ITT Night Quest 6015
  • ITT Night Quest 6010

Features of Morovision Magnifier Lens:

  • Screw-On Lens
  • Waterproof

Package Contents:

  • Morovision Magnifier Lens
  • Optional Snap-On Adapter
  • Flip-Up Objective Lens Cover
  • Removable Rear Lens Cap
  • Carrying Case w/ Alice Clips
Models & part numbers

Morovision Magnifier Lens Options

Product Code UPC SKU Morovision Magnifier Lens Options
MV-NA-Magnifier-MVA-510 MV-NA-Magnifier-MVA-510 Morovision 10x Magnifier Lens for PVS-7, PVS-14, 6010, 6015 Camera MV-14
MV-NA-Magnifier-ITTA-275095 Morovision 5x Magnifier Lens. Screw-On, Waterproof
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