InForce 6VX Tactical Flashlight w/ 200 Lumens

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InForce 6VX Tactical Flashlight w/ 200 Lumens

Inforce 6VX Flashlights have been engineered to allow quick and easy single-hand operation. Featuring second generation TIROS optical systems, these InForce Flashlights also provide high outputimage LEDs. Easily attach the Inforce 6VX LED Tactical Light to a MOLLE vest or NATO accessory rail. Inforce designed this flashlight to be ultralight. The strong carbon fiber body of these LED flashlights saves weight and are able to withstand the rigors of combat. The Inforce 6VX LED Flashlight was manufactured with premium grade O-rings and has an ultrasonic welding to seal out water, dust and dirt. The powerful LEDs, low maintenance and heat releasing vents are just a few more features that come with this powerful Inforce 6VX Flashlight w/ 200 Lumens.

InForce INF-6VX-B-W: 6VX Flashlight w/ 200 Lumens
InForce INF-6VX-S-W: 6VX Flashlight w/ 200Lumens Desert Sand
InForce INF-6VX-F-W: 6VX Flashlight w/ 200Lumens Flat Dark Earth Body, White Light, 2 CR123A

Specifications for Inforce 6-VX White LED Flashlights:

Lumens: High 200, Low 40, Strobe 200
Run time: High 2.5 hrs, Low 11 hrs, Strobe 6+ hrs
Batteries: (2) 123A Lithium batteries
Waterproof: Yes
Weight: 4.75 oz
Dimensions: 4.78"x1"

Features of InForce 6VX Flash Lights:

  • Multi-function tailcap switch activates Momentary, High, Low, CQB Strobe and Lockout modes
  • Ultralight and strong carbon fiber composite body saves weight and withstands rigors of combat.
  • Simple, reliable, intuitive tailcap switch for single-hand operation.
  • Replaceable clip attaches to MOLLE vest.
  • Designed to help alleviate the burden troops carry in the field.
  • Premium grade O-rings, a 2-shot rubber activation button, ultrasonic welding and light encapsulation seal out water, dust and dirt.
  • Designed to let light "spill out" to indicate if flashlight is on while in upright position.
  • Patented heat releasing vents maximize LED performance and keep the flashlight cool to hold.
  • Designed to accept standard 550 parachute cord.
  • Lithium powered for maximum performance and longer battery life.
  • Solid state technology incorporating high-performance LEDs and circuitry for unsurpassed performance under all conditions.
  • Internal power regulator provides uniform light output and maximizes battery life and run time.
  • Premium, bin-selected LEDs are long lasting, shock resistant and unbreakable for strong and reliable lighting.
  • Next generation Tiros lens provides powerful hot spot and balanced peripheral lighting.
  • High impact mineral glass window protects optical system.
  • Low maintenance
  • MIL-STD-810F Certified
  • Lumen output and battery run time may vary*

Package Contents:

  • Inforce 6VX Flashlight w/ 200 Lumens
  • 2-123A Lithium batteries
Models & part numbers

InForce 6VX Tactical Flashlight w/ 200 Lumens Options

Product Code UPC SKU InForce 6VX Tactical Flashlight w/ 200 Lumens Options
8J-FL-INFRC6VX-INF-6VX-B-W 671192600622 INF-6VX-B-W InForce 6VX Flashlight w/ 200 Lumens Black INF-6VX-B-W
8J-FL-INFRC6VX-INF-6VX-S-W 671192600790 INF-6VX-S-W InForce 6VX Flashlight w/ 200 Lumens Desert Sand INF-6VX-S-W
8J-FL-INFRC6VX-INF-6VX-F-W INF-6VX-F-W InForce 6VX Flashlight w/ 200 Lumens Flat Dark Earth Body, White Light, 2 CR123A INF-6VX-F-W