Giottos Small Photography Cleaning Kit

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Giottos Small Photography Cleaning Kit

Giottos Small Photography Cleaning Kit CL1011 has everything you need to preserve the integrity of your sensitive devices. This Giottos cleaning kit is ideal for scrubbing downimage your digital cameras, LCD screens, televisions, computer monitors, and any other smudge-able optics. A camera cleaning kit with four components, the Giottos Small Screen Cleaning Set includes a retractable goat's hair brush, a 30 ml bottle of effective lens cleaning solution, a white micro-fiber camera lens cleaning cloth, and 10 cotton swabs, each with both pointed and blunt ends. Almost all of these Giottos products are reusable; the cleaning cloth is even machine-washable. Your camera will never look cleaner than it will after a thorough going-over with the Giottos Compact Lens Cleaning Pack.

Specifications for Giottos Small Camera Cleaning Pack:

Pieces: 13
Brush Dimensions: 3.5" x 0.6" x 1.2"
Cloth Dimensions: 8.7" x 5.5"
Cleaning Solution Volume: 30 ml

Features of Giottos Small Lenses Cleaning Kit:

  • Thirteen piece cleaning kit
  • Optimized to clean LCD and glass screens, including screens for cameras, televisions, computers, and more
  • Retractable goat's hair brush
  • White micro-fiber cleaning cloth
  • 30 ml bottle of cleaning solution
  • 10x cotton swabs with blunt and pointed ends

Package Contents:

  • Giottos Small Photographic Cleaning Kit CL1011
  • Goat's hair brush
  • Micro-fiber cleaning cloth
  • Cleaning solution, 30 ml bottle
  • 10x dual-ended cotton swabs
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