Canon EOS 1D X Digital SLR Camera, BODY ONLY w/ Video, 18MP Full-Frame Sensor

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Canon EOS 1D X Digital SLR Camera, BODY ONLY w/ Video, 18MP Full-Frame Sensor

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The Canon EOS-1D X Digital SLR Camera is nothing less than the new flagship model of the Canon DSLR Camera line! This top-of-the-line camera is everything a professional or serious amateur could want in a digital SLR. Featuring a massive 18.1 Megapixel CMOS full-frame sensor and Dual DIGIC 5+ Image Processors, the Canon X EOS-1D Digital Camera delivers gorgeous images at an astonishing rate of 12 frames per second. The Canon EOS 1D X Camera can perform in the lowest light settings, with an ISO range that runs from 100 to 51200 to give you low-noise images, and a suite of technologically superior features that let it smoothly track fast motion and capture it in pixels. A 61-Point High-Density Reticular AF and 100,000-pixel RGB Metering Sensor that uses a dedicated DIGIC 4 Image Processor give you crystal clear images limited only by your luck and imagination. Improved HD video capture system lets you shoot pro-level movies. The Canon X DSLR Camera is built for years of service, with a potent combination of processing power and durable construction, including shutter durability tested to 400,000 cycles. This Canon DSLR Camera is the ultimate EOS system!

Canon 5253B002: EOS 1D X Digital SLR Camera - BODY ONLY

Specifications for Canon EOS-1D X Digital Camera:

Type - Digital, AF/AE single-lens reflex camera

Recording Media

  • Dual CF Cards (Type I or II)

  • Compatible with UDMA 7 CF cards

    Image Format - Approx. 36 mm x 24mm (35 mm Full-frame)

    Compatible Lenses - Canon EF Lenses

    Lens Mount - Canon EF mount

    Image Sensor

    Type - High-sensitivity, high-resolution, large single-plate CMOS sensor

    Pixels - Effective pixels: Approx. 18.1 megapixels

    Total Pixels - 19.3 megapixels

    Aspect Ratio - 3:2 (Horizontal:Vertical)

    Color Filter System - RGB primary color filters

    Low Pass Filter - Fixed position in front of the image sensor

    Dust Deletion Feature -

    (1) Self Cleaning Sensor Unit

  • Carrier wave type

  • Removes dust adhering to the infrared- and ultraviolet-blocking glass.

  • Self-cleaning executed automatically (taking about 1.8 sec.) when power is turned on or off. Manual execution also possible (taking about 5.2 sec.).

  • Low-pass filter has a fluorine coating.

    (2) Dust Delete Data acquisition and appending -

  • The coordinates of the dust adhering to the infrared- and ultraviolet-blocking glass are detected by a test shot and appended to subsequent images.

  • The dust coordinate data appended to the image is used by the provided software to automatically erase the dust spots.

    (3) Manual cleaning

    Recording System

    Recording Format - Design Rule for Camera File System 2.0 and EXIF 2.3

    Image Format - Still Image: JPEG, RAW (14-bit Canon Original), M-RAW, S-RAW, RAW+JPEG, M-RAW+JPEG, S-RAW+JPEG - Video: MOV (Image data: H.264; Audio: Linear PCM)

    File Size -

    (1) Large: Approx. 17.9 Megapixels (5184 x 3456) -

    (2) M1: Approx. 14.20 Megapixels (4608 x 3072) -

    (3) M2: Approx. 8.00 Megapixels (3456 x 2304) -

    (4) Small: Approx. 4.5 Megapixels (2592 x 1728) -

    (5) RAW: Approx. 17.90 Megapixels (5184 x 3456) -

    (6) M-RAW: Approx. 10.10 Megapixels (3888 x 2592)

    (7) S-RAW: Approx. 4.50 Megapixels (2592 x 1728) - Exact file sizes depend on the subject, ISO speed, Picture Style, etc.

    Recording Functions

    1. Standard - Select one of the CF cards to record.

    2. Auto switch card - When the current card becomes full, the camera switches to the other card automatically.

    3. Record separately - The same image is saved to both cards, but in a different size (L, M1, M2, S, RAW, M-RAW, or S-RAW) that was set for the respective card.

    4. Record to multiple - The same image is saved to both cards in the same size (RAW+JPEG also possible).

    Backup Recording - N/A

    File Numbering - Consecutive numbering, auto reset, manual reset. - Possible to create new folders and select folders in the CF card

    RAW + JPEG Simultaneous Recording - The image-recording quality can be selected in any combination of the three RAW and four JPEG recording quality settings.

    Color Space - sRGB, Adobe RGB

    Picture Style - Auto, Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, Faithful, Monochrome, User Defined 1-3

    White Balance

    Settings - Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten Light, White Fluorescent Light, Flash, Custom, Color Temperature setting

    Auto White Balance - Auto white balance with the image sensor

    Color Temperature Compensation - Blue/amber bias: 9 levels - Magenta/green bias: 9 levels - *Corrected in reference to the current WB mode's color temperature.

    Color Temperature Information Transmission - Provided


    Type - Eye-level pentaprism

    Coverage - Vertical/Horizontal approx. 100%

    Magnification - Approx. 0.76x (-1m-1 with 50mm lens at infinity) / 35.0 angle of view

    Eye Point - Approx. 20mm (At -1m-1 from eyepiece lens center)

    Dioptric Adjustment Correction - -3.0 to +1.0 m-1 (diopter)

    Focusing Screen - Interchangeable

    Mirror - Quick-return half mirror (transmission: reflectance ratio of 40:60)

    Viewfinder Information

  • AF information (AF point, focus confirmation, AF status indicator)
  • Exposure information (Metering mode, shooting mode, AE lock, shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation, ISO speed (always displayed), exposure level, exposure warning)
  • Flash information (Flash ready, high-speed sync, FE lock, flash exposure compensation)
  • Image information (White balance correction, highlight-tone priority (D+), maximum burst (2-digit display), CF card information, JPEG/RAW indicator)
  • Battery check
  • Composition information (Grid, electronic level)

    Depth Of Field Preview - Enabled with depth-of-field preview button


    Type - TTL-AREA-SIR AF-dedicated CMOS sensor

    AF Points - 61-point AF - *One to five cross-type AF points at f/2.8, 10 to 20 cross-type AF points at f/4, and 15 to 21 cross-type AF points at f/5.6. (The number of cross-type AF points will differ depending on the lens.)

    Focusing Modes -

    (1) Autofocus - One-Shot AF - Predictive AI Servo AF

  • For automatic AF point selection, the AF point to start the AI Servo AF operation can be selected.

  • For automatic AF point selection, the active AF point can be displayed. - AI Focus AF (Switches between One-Shot AF and AI SERVO AF automatically) -

    (2) Manual focus (MF)

    AF Point Selection - 1. Single-point AF (Manual selection) - 2. Auto selection 61-point AF - 3. Single-point Spot AF (Manual selection) - 4 .AF point expansion (Manual selection, 4 points: up, down, left, and right) - 5. AF point expansion (Manual selection, surrounding 8 points) - 6. Zone AF (Manual zone selection)

    Selected AF Point Display - Indicated by transmissive LCD display in the viewfinder and on the LCD panel

    Active AF Point Indicator

    AF Area and AF Point Selection - From the Orientation Linked AF Point menu, the AF area and manually-selectable AF point can be set separately for horizontal and vertical (camera grip at the top or bottom) shooting.

    AF Function Registration/Switching - With a Custom Function, four types of AF function settings can be registered in a group:

    1. AF area selection mode,

    2. AI Servo tracking sensitivity,

    3. AI Servo AF tracking method, and

    4. AI Servo 1st/2nd img priority. - * This function can be assigned to the depth-of-field preview button or lens A stop button by customizing camera controls/buttons (Custom Controls).

    AF Assist Beam - When an external EOS-dedicated Speedlite is attached to the camera, the AF-assist beam from the Speedlite will be emitted when necessary.

    Exposure Control

    Metering Modes - 252-zone metering with approx. 100,000-pixel RGB AE sensor and TTL maximum aperture metering employed. The following metering modes selectable:

    (1) Evaluative metering (linked to all AF points)

    (2) Partial metering (center, approx. TBA% of viewfinder) -

    (3) Spot metering (center, approx. TBA% of viewfinder) - 1. Center spot metering - 2. AF point-linked spot metering (Custom Function) - -Linkable to all AF points. - -With automatic AF point selection, center spot metering is set. - 3. Multi-spot metering - Up to eight multi-spot meter readings can be taken. -

    (4) Center-weighted average metering - 1. The selectable metering modes can be restricted with a Custom Function.

    Metering Range - EV 0 - EV 20 (at 73F/23C with 50mm f/1.4 lens, ISO 100)

    Exposure Control Systems - Program AE (Shiftable), Shutter-priority AE, Aperture-priority AE, Manual exposure, Bulb, E-TTL II autoflash program AE

    ISO Speed Range - Automatically set, ISO 100-51200 (in 1/3-stop or 1-stop increments) - Basic Zone modes: ISO 100-51200 set automatically - Extension settable: ISO 50; 102,400 and 204,800

    Exposure Compensation - Manual: 5 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments - AEB: 3 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments - * Indicated up to 3 stops on the LCD panel and in the viewfinder.

    AE Lock -

    (1) Auto AE lock

  • In the One-Shot AF mode with evaluative metering, AE lock takes effect when focus is achieved.

    (2) Manual AE lock

  • With AE lock button. (AE lock is updated each time you press the button.) Enabled in all metering modes.


    Type - Vertical-travel, mechanical, Electronically-controlled, focal-plane shutter

    Shutter Speeds - 1/8000 to 30 sec., bulb, X-sync at 1/250 sec. (still) - 1/4000 - 1/30 (Movie / Program AE) - 1/4000 - 1/30 (Movie / Manual Exposure) for 24/25/30 fps - 1/4000 - 1/60 (Movie / Manual Exposure) for 50/60 fps

    Shutter speed's control range can be set with a Custom Function.

    Shutter Release - Soft-touch electromagnetic release

    Self Timer - 10-sec. delay, 2-sec. delay

    External Speedlite

    EOS Dedicated Speedlite - E-TTL II autoflash with all EX Series Speedlites

    Zooming to Match Focal Length - Provided

    Flash Metering - E-TTL II autoflash

    Flash Exposure Compensation - 3 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments

    FE Lock - Provided

    External Flash Settings - 1) External Flash Control

  • Flash mode, sync setting, FEB (not with 270EX II / 270EX), flash exposure compensation, E-TTL II, zoom, wireless master flash, (not with 430EX II / 270EX), and clear settings.

    2) Flash Custom Function Setting

    PC Terminal - Provided; accepts third-party flash units with sync line voltages up to 250V maximum

    Drive System

    Drive Modes - Single, High-speed continuous, Low-speed continuous, Silent Single Shooting and Self-timer (10-sec. self-timer/remote control, or 2-sec. self-timer/remote control)

    Continuous Shooting Speed - Super High-speed: Maximum 14 shots/sec. - High-speed: Maximum 12 shots/sec. - Low-speed: Maximum 3 shots/sec.

    Maximum Burst - The maximum burst during continuous shooting is as follows: - JPEG Large: Approx: TBA - UDMA CF Card: Approx: TBA - RAW: Approx: TBA - UDMA 7 CF Card: Approx. TBA

    Live View Functions

    Shooting Modes - Still photo and video recording

    Focusing - Quick mode (61- Point Phase-difference detection AF) - Live mode/Face detection Live mode (One-Point Contrast detection AF, switching to another point possible) - Face detection Live mode (Contrast AF, Face Selectable) - Manual focusing (5x/10x magnification possible)

    Metering Modes - Real-time Evaluative metering with the image sensor

    Metering Range - Real-time evaluative metering with image sensor:

  • Metering range: EV 0 - EV 20 (At 73F/23C, 50mm f/1.4 lens, ISO 100)

  • AE lock possible

  • The active metering time can be changed.

    Grid Display - Three grid display provided

    Exposure Simulation - Possible

    Silent Shooting - Provided

    Video Shooting

    File Format - MOV (image data: H.264; audio: Linear PCM)

  • Internal monaural microphone

  • External stereo microphone jack available

    File Size - Recording Sizes: - 1920 x 1080 (Full HD), 1280 x 720 and 640 x 480

    Frame Rates - [1920 x 1080]: 30 fps / 25 fps / 24 fps - [1280 x 720]: 60 fps / 50 fps - [640 x 480]: 30 fps / 25 fps

    Continuous Shooting Time - Recording Times based on 8 GB Memory Card: - [1920 x 1080] - 30 fps: ALL-I (TBA) / IPB (TBA) - 25 fps ALL-I (TBA) / IPB (TBA) - 24 fps ALLI-I (TBA) / IPB (TBA) - [1280 x 720] - 60 fps: ALL-I (TBA) / IPB (TBA) - 50 fps ALL-I (TBA) / IPB (TBA) - [640 x 480] - 30 fps: IPB (TBA) - 25 fps: IPB (TBA)

    Focusing - Same as Live View Shooting

    Exposure Control - Program AE, Manual exposure

    Exposure Compensation - 3 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments

    LCD Monitor

    Type - TFT color, liquid-crystal monitor

    Monitor Size - 3.2-inches

    Pixels - Approx. 1.04 million dots

    Coverage - Approx. 100% - Viewing angle: 170

    Brightness Control - 7 levels provided

    Interface Languages - 25 (English, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Ukraine, Turkish, Arabic, Thai, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese)


    Display Format - Single image, Single image + Image-recording quality/shooting information, histogram, 4- or 9-image index, magnified view (approx. 1.5x-10x), rotated image (auto/manual), image jump (by 10/100 images, index screen, by shooting date, by folder), slide show (all images/selected by date/folder), star rating

    Highlight Alert - With single-image display (Info.) and single-image display, overexposed highlight areas will blink

    Image Protection and Erase

    Protection - Erase protection can be applied or canceled for a single image, all images in a folder or all images in the card

    Erase - Erase a single image, selected images, all images in a folder, all images in a card or erase only unprotected images

    Direct Printing

    Compatible Printers - PictBridge-compatible printers

    Printable Images - RAW and JPEG images complying to Design rule for Camera File System - - Movies cannot be printed.

    DPOF: Digital Print Order Format

    DPOF - Version 1.1 compatible

    Direct Image Transfer

    Compatible Images - JPEG and RAW images and movies

  • For RAW+JPEG, only the RAW or JPEG image or both images can be transferred


    Custom Functions - Total 31

    Camera User Settings - Current camera settings can be registered to C1, C2 and C3 on the Mode Dial (Automatic registration update is possible)

    My Menu Registration - Up to six top-tier menu options and Custom Function settings can be registered

    Power Source

    Battery - One Battery Pack LP-E4N or LP-E4 - AC power can be supplied with the AC Adapter Kit ACK-E4

    Number of Shots - Number of shots (approx.)

    Temperature and Shooting Method

    Possible Shots

    At 73F/23C

    Approx. TBA

    At 32F/0C

    Approx. TBA

    Live View shooting at 73F/23C

    Approx. TBA

    Live View shooting at 32F/0C

    Approx. TBA

    The figures above are based on CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association) testing standards

    Battery Check - Automatic battery check when the power switch is turned on: - Displayed in 6 levels:

  • Battery level displayed on LCD panel and in viewfinder.

  • Battery information can be checked with the [Battery info.] menu

    Power Saving - Power turns off after the set time (1, 2, 4, 8, 15 or 30 minutes) of non-operation elapses.

    Date/Time Battery - CR2025 lithium battery

    Start-up Time - Approx. 0.1 sec

    Dimensions and Weight

    Dimensions (W x H x D) - Approx. 6.2 x 6.4 x 3.3 in. (158 x 163.6 x 82.7 mm)

    Weight - TBA

    Operating Environment

    Working Temperature Range - 32-104F/0-40C

    Working Humidity Range - 85% or less

  • Features of Canon EOS X Digital Camera:

    • Newly designed 18.1 Megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, 14-bit A/D conversion, wide range ISO setting 100-51,200 (L:50, H1: 102400, H2: 204800) for shooting from bright to dim light and next generation Dual DIGIC 5+ Image Processors for enhanced noise reduction and blazing processing speed.
    • New 61-Point High Density Reticular AF including 41 cross-type AF points with f/4.0 lens support including 5 dual diagonal AF points (sensitive to f/2.8), plus EOS iTR (Intelligent Tracking and Recognition) AF for accurate subject tracking.
    • EOS iSA (Intelligent Subject Analysis) powered by Canon's DIGIC 4 Image Processor, featuring a 100,000-pixel RGB Metering Sensor with subject and color recognition for reliable AE.
    • EOS HD Video with manual exposure control and multiple frame rates (1080: 30p (29.97) /24p (23.976) / 25p, 720: 60p (59.94) / 50p, 480: 60p (59.94) / 50p) with 4GB automatic file partitioning (continuous recording time 29 minutes 59 seconds) with selectable "All i-frame" or IPB compression.
    • Outstanding shooting performance: up to 12.0 fps continuous shooting (14.0 fps in Super High Speed Mode) using a UDMA CF card.
    • Magnesium alloy body with shutter durability tested up to 400,000 cycles, exclusive dust-and-weather resistance, and new Ultrasonic Wave Motion Cleaning (UWMC) for improved vibration-based dust removal.
    • Intelligent Viewfinder with superimposed LCD display, approximately 100% field of view, wide viewing angle of 35 degrees, and 0.76x magnification.
    • 3.2-inch Clear View II LCD monitor, 170 degree viewing angle, 1,040,000-dot VGA, reflection resistance with multi coating and high-transparency materials for bright and clear viewing.
    • Improved handling with the addition of new customizable controls, and enhanced recording options with Dual Card Slots, Gigabit-Ethernet terminal, and compatibility with optional Canon Wireless File Transmitter and GPS Receiver.
    • Additional Features.
    • Ultra-fast shutter lagtime - only 36ms
    • Built-in chromatic aberration correction and in-camera RAW processing
    • System Status Display Function provides critical information including the number of total shutter cycles.
    • Multiple Exposures shooting

    Package Contents:

    • Canon EOS-1D X Digital SLR Camera Body (LENS NOT INCLUDED)
    • Eyecup Eg
    • Battery Pack LP-E4N
    • Battery Charger LC-E4N
    • Wide Neck Strap L7
    • Cable Protector
    • Stereo AV Cable AVC-DC400ST
    • USB Interface Cable IFC-200U
    • EOS Digital Solution Disc
    • Software Instruction Manual
    Models & part numbers

    Canon EOS 1D X Digital SLR Camera, BODY ONLY w/ Video, 18MP Full-Frame Sensor Options

    Product Code UPC SKU
    CA-CD-5253B002 013803145410 5253B002
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