Brunton Solaris USB 4 Foldable Solar Panels

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Brunton Solaris USB 4 Foldable Solar Panels

Brunton Solaris USB-4 800 mA Solar Panel provide you with 4 easily-portable solar panels for higher output when needed. This Brunton Solar Panel has the same all-conditions versatility of the original Brunton Solaris USB. The Brunton Solaris USB-4 Solar Panel utilizes the most efficient flexible, thin-film solar technology and compact multi-panel design for maximum performance and portability. This solar battery charger is ideal for variable conditions, especially low-light wooded and cloudy coastal situations. Advanced CIGS technology lets the Brunton USB4 Solaris Portable Solar Panel make the most of every inch.

Brunton makes revolutionary solar power sources for those determined to get to the places where adventure lives! Brunton solar batteries and solar chargers are made for wet, dirty, exhilarating places a world away from recliners and wall sockets. Brunton solar chargers and rechargeable batteries are built to power your electronics to the ends of the Earth - without leaving a trail of spent batteries across the landscape.

Specifications for Brunton Solaris USB 4 Solar Battery:

Weight: 6.3 oz
Dimensions: 9" x 25"
Max. Output, USB: 5v / 800 mA

Features of Brunton Outdoors Solaris 4 Folding Solar Panel USB Charging System:

  • USB output for Cell Phones, MP3 Players, Portable Game Consoles, and Smart Phones
  • Flexible high performance CIGS solar cells
  • Multi-section folding panels for ease of storage and use
  • Works in all types of weather even in low light conditions
  • Lightweight compact design

Package Contents:

  • Brunton Solaris USB4 Solar Panels
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