BrandTech VACUUBRAND Vacuum Gauges, BrandTech 682902

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BrandTech VACUUBRAND Vacuum Gauges, BrandTech 682902

BrandTech VACUUBRAND Vacuum Gauges, BrandTech is a reliable and dependable addition to the BrandTech Laboratory Safety Products & Apparel family of products. Combining top-notch and uncompromising quality with an affordable price, the BrandTech VACUUBRAND Vacuum Gauges, BrandTech 682902/ 18901-016 can fulfill your laboratory needs while still offering a great value for the money.

Product Category Description:

Mercury-free vacuum gauges replace McLeod gauges and other traditional, fragile glass manometers that utilize mercury. Gauges feature a large digital display for precise readings and an analog display for trend indication. Results may be displayed in torr, mbar, or hectopascal. All models can be calibrated for ISO 9000/GLP compliance.

DVR series gauges (18901-016 and -064) use a direct-measuring capacitive transducer made of alumina-ceramic for gas-independent measurement. Model DVR2 gauge (18901-016) has an integral transducer, operates on a long-life lithium 9V battery, and features a user-adjustable sleep timer. The measuring range is from atmosphere to 1 mbar/torr/hPa, suitable for monitoring most lab applications powered by central vacuum systems, diaphragm vacuum pumps, and water aspirators.

Model DVR5 gauge (18901-064) has a separate, external transducer for convenient location of the display, operates on 100–120VAC, and measures from atmosphere to 0.1 mbar/torr/Pa. It features an RS232 serial data interface for process validation and ISO/GLP documentation.

Model VAP5 gauge (18901-066) uses the Pirani principle of thermal conduction for relative measurement. It has a separate transducer, and operates on 100–120VAC. Measurement range is from atmosphere to 10–3 mbar/torr/hPa, suitable for rotary vane (oil-sealed) pumps used in freeze drying and molecular distillation.

Ordering Information: All gauges are supplied with transducer, mounting rod, operation manual, and one-year manufacturer's warranty. Gauges 18901-064 and -066 are available in 230V versions; contact your VWR representative for more information.

Specifications for BrandTech VACUUBRAND Vacuum Gauges, BrandTech 682902 :

Operating Range: Atm. to 1 mbar/torr/hPa
BrandTech No.: 682902
Unit: Each
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