Beretta 16.5in Shooters Towel - Cotton

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Beretta 16.5in Shooters Towel - Cotton

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Perfect for any shooter the Beretta Shooter's Cotton Towel, is made with a durable cotton material with a grommet hole and clip.

Beretta OG8404280560: Shooters Towel Blue, Blue
Beretta OG8404280504: Shooters Towel Navy, Navy
Beretta OG8404280310: Shooters Towel Pink, Pink

Specifications for Beretta Cotton Towel for Shooters:

Measures:16.5x23 inches

Features of Beretta Shooting Towel - Cotton:

  • Cotton
  • Grommet hole
  • Clip

Package Contents:

  • Beretta Shooter's Cotton Towel
Models & part numbers

Beretta 16.5in Shooters Towel - Cotton Options

Product Code UPC SKU Beretta 16.5in Shooters Towel - Cotton Options
TT-CL-BETRCLAI8-OG8404280560 082442169095 OG8404280560 Beretta Shooters Towel Blue OG8404280560
TT-CL-BETRCLAI8-OG8404280504 082442169088 OG8404280504 Beretta Shooters Towel Navy OG8404280504
TT-CL-BETRCLAI8-OG8404280310 082442169071 OG8404280310 Beretta Shooters Towel Pink OG8404280310
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