AimPoint Polarized and Yellow Filters

AimPoint Polarized and Yellow Filters
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AimPoint Micro Tool $12.00
AimPoint Micro Tool $12.00

AimPoint Polarized and Yellow Filters

Our store offers Aimpoint Red Dot Sight Accessories from different types that should be used in the different Aimpoint Sight models. AimPoint has the right type of Red Dot Sight Accessory to fit your needs if you have a Aimpoint Red Dot Sight Device. Aimpoint red dot sights are manufactured with the greatest care and precision from the best materials and components available. They are designed for use in the real world, and can handle rough treatment and all imaginable weather conditions. With the variety of models available, there is an Aimpoint sight for virtually every type of firearm. For a sight and a gun to function as a reliable unit year after year, it is important that the mounting is done professionally and the mounting rings and bases are of high quality. The Aimpoint red dot sight does not have a critical eye relief. This provides great freedom in locating the sight along the length of the rifle, and makes it very easy to fit them into a modular system that allows the mounting of several different types of sights on the same rifle.

Our store now offers the new AimPoint Polarized and Yellow Filters. These red dot sight accessories boasts the same Aimpoint quality as we have come to expect from Aimpoint Red Dot Sights. These Aimpoint Red Dot Sight Accessories are made to work with the Aimpoint Red Dot Scopes.

Package Contents:

  • Aim Point Filter

We carry a complete line of AimPoint Red Dot Sights Accessories. For more Red Dot Sights Accessories please visit our Red Dot Sight Accessory page. Our store offers a full line of original Red Dot Sights with full manufacturer's warranty and Free Shipping on orders over $29.95! Also, our store carries a wide selection of different products made by Aim Point, such as Aimpoint Red Dot Sight and Aimpoint Batteries.

Models & part numbers

AimPoint Polarized and Yellow Filters Options

Product Code UPC SKU AimPoint Polarized and Yellow Filters Options
AI-IA-Filters-12218 7350004382170 12218 AimPoint Yellow Filter
AI-IA-Filters-12216 7350004382163 12216 AimPoint Polarized Filter
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