Aimpoint CompML3 Red Dot Scope - 1x Reflex Sight

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Aimpoint CompML3 Red Dot Scope - 1x Reflex Sight

Aimpoint CompML3 Red Dot Sight features breakthrough Advanced Circuit Efficiency Technology (ACET) that gives the sight unparalleled battery life and ease of use. This Aimpoint Red Dot Sightimage is built primarily for use in daylight and in low light conditions for law enforcement and military applications. the Aimpoint CompML3 Red Dot Sight will hold up under the roughest physical handling and most severe weather conditions. This red dot scope is the perfect choice for professionals, hunters and sport shooters who don't need night vision device compatibility but want an extremely tough and reliable red dot sight. For night vision compatibility we recommend the Aimpoint CompM3 Red Dot Sights.

The Aimpoint CompML3 Red Dot Sight comes with a FREE Gerber Suspension Multi-Pliers 1471. This multi-tool is extremely useful for a number of applications, and is portable for ease in transport.

Specifications for Aimpoint CompML3 Red Dot Sight:

Article number:11405 (CompML3 4MOA)
11416 (CompML3 2MOA):
Technology:ACET (Advanced Circuit Efficiency Technology)
Working principle:Reflex collimator sight - red dot sight
Lightsource:LED (Light Emitting Diode) totally eye-safe
Lightsource wavelength:650 nm red light
Red dot size in MOA (minute of angle - 30mm at 100 meters / 1 inch at 100 yards): 4 or 2
Parallax:Absence of parallax -
No centering required:
Eye relief:Unlimited
Night vision compatibility:No
Anti-reflex coating all surfaces & multi-layer coating objective lens:Yes
Magnification:No magnification (1X)
Battery:One 3V Lithium battery, type 2L76 or DL1/3N
Battery life in hours (room temperature, setting 7 out of 10): 50 000 (over 5 years of continuous use)
Dot intensity adjustment:Manual rotary switch
Daylight (DL) settings:1 Off & 9 DL
Material housing:Extruded high strength aluminum
Surface finish:Hard anodized, matte
Color housing:Black
Adjustment 1 click:13mm at 100m, (1/2" at 100yds)
Mounting methods:1 ring, 30mm, (1.18")
Temperature range:-45 - +71 C, (50- +160 F)
Water resistance - submersible to:45m, (150ft)
Radioactive components used:None
Length:130mm, (5.1")
Width/height sight only:55 x 55mm, (2.2" x 2.2")
Maximum ring width:30mm, (1.18")
Ojbective diameter:38mm, (1.5")
Tube diameter:30mm, (1.18")
Weight sight only: 220g, (7.8oz) (including flip-up lens covers)
Weight rubber cover:50g, (1.7oz)

Features of Aimpoint CompM3 Red Dot Sight:

  • Designed for day use, including dusk and dawn
  • New technology called ACET allows 50,000 hours of operation on one battery
  • Available in 2 dot sizes (2 and 4 MOA)
  • Submersible to 135 feet (45 meters)
  • Comes with free Gerber Multi Tool
  • Reduced training time and ammunition
  • Unlimited field of view
  • Parallax-free with unlimited eye relief
  • Unaffected by extreme weather conditions
  • Rugged, durable construction
  • No hazardous materials used
  • No laser emission that could be harmful to your eyes
  • Mechanical switch for speed and reliability
  • Increased aiming confidence
  • Reduced training time and ammunition

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